It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day. Then suddenly a decision needs to be made and you’re caught short. The decision might be medical or financial or just another conversation having to explain your child’s behavior or needs. I have several strategies that can help.

Although the future can look scary and unknown, there are things you can do. Small steps to take that can make that unknown future less scary:

* Don't forget the financial piece. This does not need to be overwhelming, there are people who can help you plan and tidy up your strategy. Colorado now has a savings plan to help families as well. I can suggest and introduce you to people with a background in special needs planning.

* In planning for the future, let's map it out! There are tools that I have that can help in the short term as well as the long range planning. And best of all, it can be shared with others, like a teacher, or an employer. This "map" is a living document that I can help you redesign as needs arise.