Preschool to Senior Year!

School has begun – again. Another summer has ended. And although Grace is starting her senior year today, I’m reminded of when she first started school.

We were living in Ohio then. She was not quite 3 years old and starting preschool. I was so torn! Steven and I needed to work so staying at home with her was not an option. I loved where she was going to daycare but wanted her to have more. Just more. And she could get therapies at school. My god! She wasn’t even walking yet!

So. Long story short. She went to school. I will never forget the gray green color of the walls, and the yellowing white tile floors that she literally scooted around on her behind. She shredded more pullups that year! And the staff was so cool. They did their thing, and Grace learned and grew, and it was alright. Not to say there weren’t bumps along the way though. They never really “lost” her on those times she decided to explore on her own. And I’m sure those pullups could get quite warm and needed to come off in the middle of story time or whatever. Ha! I laugh now but it wasn’t funny to me then. That takes awhile.

But, man! Emotionally it was nerve wracking. Every change, every transition was, and is, nerve wracking! That doesn’t change even though the school years do. And so here we are at the beginning of her last year, and I’m verklempt.

August 16, 2018